Here at A Quiver Full, Inc. we use our decades of experience, knowledge, understanding, and relationships to make sure that every opportunity is reviewed, every potential obstacle is prepared for and every stone over turned to reach the fullest potential of success. You will find that we are highly persistent coupled with aggressive patience. We believe in being diligent and thorough. We are alert to every possibility and see obstacles only as opportunities.
Through the many market channels we operate in and the product offerings we have we are confident that we can provide a way to help you succeed further. Although it looks like we are broad based, we really work hard to drill down to a personal relationship ultimately coupled with a rifle approach with the many resources that we have available to us to serve you.
We have some of the finest and most experience talent around working with us. We have decades of experience in the following areas.
· Mass merchant retail management experience for one of the world's largest retailers.
· Major retail merchant and buyer for one of the world's largest retailers.
· Combined 50 plus years manufacture product representation and distributions for many of the worlds most well know brands.
· Combined 9 years of catalog sales and catalog development experience.
· Combined 50 plus years experience with importing product.
· Combined 10 years experience with eBusiness and web site development and management for one the world's largest retailers.
· Combined 35 years experience with Supply Chain Management.
· Combined 50 plus years working with Manufactures.
· Combined 50 plus years working with Product Development.
· Distribution of products in both the USA and Canada.
· Member of ASI #30267.
· Members of our team of purchase and managed $100,000,000 of dollars of merchandise.
· Combined 50 plus years experience selling to large retailers, medium size retailers, co-ops, and small independent retailers as well as national and regional distribution.
We do not claim to know all the answers, but we do know where to find them. Due to our extensive long term relationships we are positive that we can find the right solution for you.
You must be innovative and flexible. It is key to have Vision to see the future and the Wisdom to build on the past. You must have understanding to get the key people and resources to complete the job. We know the hazards and road blocks to getting product to the retail shelf, and the knowledge as well as the experience to overcome them.
We believe that the sale is not the end goal, but that a long term relationship that will sustain decades of product movement and sales is the goal of the journey. We do not believe that there is an end, but only more beginnings and more opportunities.
We hope that you will give us the opportunity to work together to build a long term relationship and great team to reach your goals.

Thank you,
Jeff Whitmire


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